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 "New World” is a stark commentary on the modern American dream, a concept long associated with success and prosperity but now overshadowed by the illusions and superficiality perpetuated by social media.” - Billboard Argentina

"Sciarra's haunting vocals are the crowning jewel of the song, showing off her vocal range and control, as well as landing every emotional note" -Bsides & Badlands

"Sciarra is becoming renowned for her velvet soft vocals, ethereal melodies, and dramatic art-pop edge. Dancing in the Dark pulls you in by the sheer artistry and her ability to pull on your heartstrings until they're as raw as the sentiments explored in her deep conceptual tracks." - A&R Factory


"Surrender It All surges with symphonic layers, creating a wicked, spellingbinding soundscape"- Popdust

""Master of atmosphere Sciarra brings Hans Zimmer-esque strings, twinkling pianos and bombastic drums leading to a soundscape that will be hard to forget. " - Clout

"Sciarra brings a new and refreshing dynamic to the electronic music scene. Her vocals serve as the focal point of her releases, but heavy synthesizers mix brilliantly with building orchestral drops" - Dancing Astronaut

"Rising up from a dark section of pads & atmospheric drum hits, Sciarra's mesmerizing vocals drive spice up the track, driving us through a dark yet electronic journey. The drop showcases a beautiful string section, which contrasts with a hard trap drum pattern."- Hinky

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